twenty-nineteen  ~  25th Year Anniversary
                      sight - sound - mind                                                                                                                         contact

                              graphic arts / visual art
                                   - newspaper, magazine, business and internet layouts
                                   - internet movies, animation
                                   - pre-print setup and color separations

                              sound graphics (recording studio) / producing , engineering , publishing
                                   - personal recording studio of whitepink

                              written graphics / creative writing, copyrighting
                              internet studio / web design, web development, hosting plans and web architecture
                                   - custom designs
                                   - eCommerce web sites 
                                   - hostmaster
                                   - webmaster
                                   - our servers are new, fast and top of the line with "Servers on East and West Coast of the United States"

                              internet features:
                                   - dual connections on east and west coast
                                   - 24/7/365 personal help
                                   - daily backups 
                                   - domain registration and management
                                   - ftp connection to your own private unlimited web space
                                   - unlimited email(s) and unlimited data transfer and bandwidth



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